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All bidders, shoppers and other participants of this auction and shopping deputy site must agree to have read and fully understood the following terms and conditions therein.

IMPORTANT: When you bid or buy, you automatically enter into a legally binding contract to purchase any items from the seller.

Good communication between sellers' and buyers' is essential for reliable and smooth transactions.


Please read this disclaimer carefully before placing a bid or purchase.

  1. Mogan Shopping IS NOT affiliated with any of the auction and shopping sites, their subsidiaries, or any other companies mentioned on the Mogan Shopping web pages, nor do we have any affiliation with any auction or shopping sellers.
  2. Mogan Shopping is designed to assist you with searching items across the best online auction and shopping stores across Japan. Our website provides translator tools that can translate Japanese web pages; however, we DO NOT make any suggestions about the items you may find. You are expected to translate pages yourself and make decisions about items on sale without any pressure or influence from us.
  3. Items offered on auction sites are sellers' personal listing. Mogan Shopping has no right to inspect seller's listing. Bidders must adhere to inspect the information and condition indicated in the item description. If there is any doubt or hesitation, please do not bid until you receive a proper answer from the seller or from Mogan Shopping. All authenticity or originality inspection will be considered the customer's own responsibility.
  4. After any successful purchase on Mogan Shopping site, all costs, charges, fees and taxes that have been accrued after the international delivery are to be borne by the customer.
  5. Mogan Shopping does not store items for you in Japan. If an item is too large to hold for your 20 days storage period, we will see it as an unpaid item. We do not provide insurance for such items in our warehouse after 20 days. We will not take any responsibility for any damage or loss of your item.
  6. Mogan Shopping DOES NOT guarantee, nor take responsibility for, any auction item, purchase, international shipping, especially for fragile or glass items. All damages or losses due to EMS or other shipping operators will be considered the customer's own responsibility.
  7. International delivery charges ARE NOT refundable. In case of a dispute, even if the money you paid for an auction or purchase is refunded, you will not have the international delivery charges refunded because the auction seller states in their offer that he do not ship internationally.
  8. In case of any dispute or fraudulent action, Mogan Shopping will try to contact the auction seller or shop store. If the problem is not resolved, we will make a complaint to the auction seller or shop store and let you know the results of the complaint. If you do not accept this, please do not place any bid or purchase. Furthermore, all costs of such a process will be borne by the customer.
    a. Items that are marked JUNK, AS-IS, or NO CLAIM in your auctions.
    b. Electronics that do not function for any other reason aside from shipping mishandling.
    c. Items claimed after 7 days of arrival. You must make your claim immediately, in a timely fashion.
    d. Fraudulent claims.
  10. YOU AGREE THAT YOUR USE OF SHALL BE AT YOUR OWN SOLE RISK. In addition, Mogan Shopping reserves the right to vary this Disclaimer at any time and will post any variations here, without notice. You are advised to review this Disclaimer on a regular basis as you will be deemed to have accepted any variations if you continue to use this site after any amendments have been posted.


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