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At Mogan Shopping, we strive to offer you the best service possible to enable you to purchase some of the best items on the planet with assured buyer confidence! To back that statement, we at Mogan Shopping closely co-operate and intuitively communicate with every seller and auctioneer to assure your item and shipment fees are conducted with the utmost priority.

As a service representative (deputy intermediary service) our scale of responsibilities are to specifically select the most reliable sellers and auctioneers to optimize your purchasing protection. Our experienced international customer service teams are on-hand to assist you in any way possible (during our office hours). Furthermore, as a service representative, we can assure you that we will support you and standby you during your shopping/ bidding experience.

We take this very seriously as our main commitment, and that is why we take great care to select the most reputable sellers and auctioneers in Asia. We also constantly monitor the reputation of each seller/ auctioneer to assist in offering the utmost confident shopping experience. When placing a bid or purchase, please take your time to shop responsibly, you can shop for a maximum period of 48 hours per session after your first purchase, so plan and prepare your shopping experience and most of all enjoy it. Mogan Shopping is designed to empower your privilege to shop at stores exclusive to Japanese shoppers and to you.

Mogan is an intermediary deputy service company and not a direct auctioneer or seller. We are the bridge to enable you to purchase and deliver items from auctioneers and sellers from Japan to you. This means that, regrettably, we have limited control over the guarantee of quality, safety or legality of any items advertised, accuracy of any listings, or the capability of the seller to sell their items or fully complete transactions. However we hold the right to standby you and use standard problem resolution procedures via the following scenarios as our commitment to you.

Protection Qualification

Items must be purchased on Mogan Shopping's website and must have an eligible transaction between a qualified customer and a qualified seller whereby:

On rare occasions Yahoo Japan's system sometimes unintentionally freezes users' accounts preventing the buyer to complete the purchase process. If such a case occurs and you have successfully won the bid and finished the 1st payment, Mogan Shopping will send a full refund to protect you. Please note, that we are a deputy bid and buy service representative and are unable to have any control over such accidents. However, we wish to reassure you that we will support you every step of the way.

Buyer Protection Program Coverage

All purchases by eligible buyers that meet the above Buyer Protection Policy conditions and do not fall within an exclusion or coverage limitation are covered by Mogan Shopping's Buyer Protection Policy.

Protection Against New Damaged Items

If the item is lost or damaged during delivery, Mogan Shopping will compensate a certain percentage of the purchase price to cover repairs. If the item cannot be repaired, Mogan Shopping will refund the full purchase price. Declaration must be made within 7 days upon receiving the item by email to us.

Protection Against Fraud & Loss

Mogan Shopping Buyer Protection policy reimburses a certain percentage of an auction for an eligible customer when a seller has been proven to have not sent an item that has been paid for in an eligible transaction. Declaration must be made within 7 days of receiving the item by email to us.
If any fraudulence issues or the item was damaged, dysfunctional or flawed, or not delivered, deliberately by the seller please email your case to us. If we can prove any of the above, then we will step in and handle your case for you.

Case 1: Missing or damaged items read more..

process order
We would contact the seller to request compensation or refund or make a claim to the courier company.
If the item is missing or damaged during shipping, we can contact the seller to request compensation or refund, or make a claim to the courier company. For new electronic equipment and new clothes, we pay a partial repair fee.

Please keep in mind that a package may on rare occasions get lost or damaged. We are unable to guarantee such loss or damage if you choose a shipping operator without insurance, please refer to our Insurance service. We also offer a repackaging service for fragile items. If you need any advice, please contact us.

In addition, the Japanese postal service has a size and weight limitation for items that can be shipped. If you want to bid on a heavy or large item such as car parts, you should know the size and weight shipping limitations for your country, as it might vary from country to country.

Generally, the weight limit for international shipping is 30kg. However, Australia and New Zealand have a strict 20kg limitation. If we cannot send you the item due to such limits, we can use Fedex or another delivery service. However, please be aware that you will be required to pay more on the shipping fee.

Case 2: Non-matched description & fraudulence read more..

Case 3: Buyer's negligence on item description read more..

Case 4: Authenticity branding and originality read more..

Case 5: Item intentionally not sent by seller read more..

Return Working Days & Shipping Fee:

In the unlikely case of any of the above happening, all shipping fees within Japan or worldwide and all other additional fees for any purchased item will either be refunded or borne by you depending on the circumstances. With that in mind, we accept all claims and damage reports on your items to which we will investigate.

If, regrettably, such unforeseen circumstances have actually occurred, we recommend you send us a scanned copy of the report with detailed images of the damaged items via email to as soon feasibly as possible. We can then begin the process of compensation for damages. Mogan Shopping staff will contact you to take immediate action. This process may take a while and we advise patience as we resolve the issue.

Return Items

Mogan Shopping is a deputy service, a third party service representative, to enable you to shop across the best auction and shopping stores in Japan. We are here to help you find, buy and ship item to you safely. Along with the enjoyment and convenience of Mogan Shopping, please however buy responsibly and carefully. We are unable to accept any return items due to buyer misunderstanding or carelessness. Please remember, we are here to assist you if you have any questions. We urge you not to start shopping until you are fully aware of the items you wish to purchase.
Please follow these steps on how to request a return and what to do if a seller adopts the return policy.

Mogan Shopping checks the seller's return policy:

Most sellers will show if they accept the return items. However this policy is usually targeted at the Japanese domestic market. For sellers that accept return items, we will contact them and try to negotiate the return of your item.

How to send your refund request:

If the Seller allows the return of your item, we will contact you for details of your case. For efficient communication, please email us with a formal title as "Return Request to Order Number:*** ". Please also enter your full reason for returning the item(s) which will be applied into the Seller's return item policy.

Mogan Shopping contacts the seller:

If the seller does accept your case, we will send you instructions on how to ship the item internationally. The shipping fee or associated fee will be borne by the purchaser depending on the specific circumstances.

Receiving your refund:

You will be notified via email as soon as the seller indicates that they will initiate the refund. Usually they will send the refund within a couple of days, or up to 30 days.


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