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The following are the conditions that could be considered for refund:

Note: We provide a flexible top up deposit and withdrawal process to and from your Mogan Shopping account balance. Please be aware that there is a bank fee incurred with each transaction.

If you pay with Alipay, you will receive your refund into the same account from where the purchase was transferred from.

If you have been out-bidden, you may choose to leave your money in your Mogan Shopping account for future bidding and buying or you may withdraw your deposit by applying for a refund.

To apply for a full or partial refund, all outstanding payment(s) must be cleared up. If you are currently bidding or buying, please leave enough balance in your Mogan Shopping account to cover at least the item price (1st payment).

How to Apply for a Refund

My Account→Payment→Refund→Waiting for Approval

* Refund Application form(if necessary)

apply for Refund

Refund Period:

When your account has following situations, the refund for your purchase might be cancelled.

In these cases, the refund will be cancelled by Mogan staff. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We process refund requests as fast as possible during our regular office hours. However, transferring your funds back to your accounts may take a few days. For international customers, the refund processing time will be done within 2 business days (GMT+8), excluding weekends and national holidays. For more information, please also refer to our buyer protection policy.

Unpaid Item

In general, Mogan Shopping does not accept the request of"retract the bidding".

But considering the buyers may have various inquiries regarding the items' authenticity and status while planning the purchase with the seller,therefore Mogan Shopping provides the service of Q&A to facilitate the buyers to raise any inquiries.

Mogan Shopping representatives will help forward the inquiries to the sellers.

Conditions that sometimes occurs:

The buyers need to pay the penalty from the refunding if the request to retract the bid has been accepted by the seller :

  • * 5.25% of item fee ( as the usage fee of Yahoo! Japan Auction system)
  • * 10% of item fee ( as the compensation fee to the seller)
  • * 350 Yen ( bank remittance fee while Mogan Shopping helps remit the Penalty to the seller )
  • * 900 Yen (as the usage fee of Mogan Shopping system )
  • Total = 15.25% of item fee + 350 Yen + 900Yen

Note : Mogan Shopping will help further negotiate with the seller if higher compensation fee requested. Then confirm the final ratio of compensation fee to the buyers.

Mogan Shopping values all its customers' rights, however we need to also protect our account credit, thus unpaid items may undermine our reputation via damaging feedback. We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and cooperation of this matter.


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